Solutions Reservoir – Proposal and Marketing Support for High-Tech

A marketing or proposal group stretched to its limits can draw upon a technical and highly-skilled, contracted, interim marketing professional – a Solutions Reservoir™ – to complete them. Solutions Reservoir™ is the operating vehicle for Darrell Tanno. With marketing, sales and technical experience in the telecom/networking, cloud, cybersecurity, wireless/satellite, and data center industries, Solutions Reservoir™ is well positioned to provide technical marketing support on a contract basis – at a great value – in several areas including:

•  Market and Competitive Analyses
•  Product Requirements Definition
•  Product/Initiative Launch and Rollout
•  Content Creation and Curation

•  Bid and Proposal Support
•  Sales Training and Empowerment
•  White Papers, Case Studies, Articles
•  Marketing and Sales Guides/Tools

With a task and problem-solving orientation, Solutions Reservoir arrives, accomplishes the tasks at hand, and exits – a great contract marketing resource to have on tap. It is an example of what management visionary Peter F. Drucker described as Intellectual Capital on Demand.

Notably, Solutions Reservoir can handle deeply technical issues whose marketing sometimes presents challenges in providing the right balance of technical depth in marketing and proposal materials targeting different audiences. Learn more about us and the important role that contracted interim marketing support can play or please contact us for further information.