Intellectual Capital on Demand

Management visionary Peter F. Drucker foresaw that as companies came to better understand how to take advantage of outsourcing, they would be able to expand it to highly-skilled, professional/managerial tasks. “Intellectual Capital on Demand” is what he called the talent reservoir that would be drawn upon for this purpose.

Operating in high-tech marketing, Solutions Reservoir is part of this talent pool and we observe Intellectual Capital on Demand in action. We see that companies are learning how to use it, and we’ve developed the presentation/video below to better explain why, where and how to do so (in high-tech marketing, with its great emphasis on writing). We foresee companies maintaining relationships with individuals or small firms that they will tap for projects a few times per year. This will keep things nimble, low-cost and the consistency will ensure that corporate knowledge gained is retained by both sides. We describe such relationships as adjunct because of the analogy with adjunct professors – relationships without which virtually no university could exist. We observe that in high-tech marketing that external public relations firms do operate as adjunct staff, and we note that it’s time to further leverage this successful model. Please feel free to contact us with any comments or questions.

(When it’s playing, if you click on the gear, you might be able to raise the resolution to or above 480p.)