Why Interim, Contracted Marketing

Why tap into interim, contracted marketing support – what management visionary Peter F. Drucker called Intellectual Capital on Demand? In short, you do so to complete your most highly revenue-leveraged activities – marketing projects. But as we’ll see, there are other important benefits, too.

Defining direction and new products, educating and influencing your market, training and equipping your sales channels – are all marketing projects and all bring a high return on revenue and success. This high return on investment of marketing projects is why they are so vital to complete, yet such projects often languish. In our experience they usually languish because the effort to address them requires large blocks of uninterrupted time, something made very difficult by the continual, critical demands placed on marketing personnel.

For example, consider the effort to develop a timely series of articles or papers, perhaps even an e-book – content that would position your company as leaders and experts in the eyes of your market. At face value we know the effort would require two things: a high level of skill and expertise, which your marketing department has; and blocks of time, which, unfortunately, can be in very short supply.

These are examples situations well-suited for interim, contracted marketing support – skilled and very technical marketing expertise that comes in as virtual marketing staff, completes the assignment, and then moves on. Other activities often needed include:

  • Strategy and Tactics Development
  • Market and Competitive Analyses
  • Product Requirements Definition
  • Product/Initiative Launch and Rollout
  • Bid and Proposal Development
  • Communications/Repositioning
  • Industry-Expert Positioning, Blog Postings
  • White Papers, Case Studies, Articles
  • Marketing and Sales Guides/Tools
  • Interim Staffing/Situation Stabilization

Completing important projects is the obvious benefit of tapping interim marketing support, but there are also other benefits. An interim, contracted marketing support firm, such as Solutions Reservoir, brings a high level of experience, expertise and independent insights to the table, things always in short supply. The benefits, including the important but less tangible ones on relationships, are summarized as:

Key Benefits of Interim, Contracted Marketing Support

  • Complete the most highly revenue-leveraged projects in your company, marketing projects.
  • An injection of senior experience and expertise that often provides independent and enriching views and insights.
  • Gain a trusted-advisor relationship and access to a new ideas and insights network.
  • Although the relationship continues, your commitment ends on assignment completion.

As you see, completing important, revenue-producing activities is the leading, immediate benefit of tapping interim, contracted marketing support, but other valuable benefits are accrued, almost as byproducts.

Why Solutions Reservoir as Your Interim, Contracted Marketing Partner

Solutions Reservoir offers a strong and unusual blend of marketing, business, sales and technical experience and expertise. Drawing upon this, we’ll understand your business, your products and/or services, their advantages and your distinct value proposition, and make them apparent to your market.

Our technical expertise helps us grasp new technologies and techniques, and we are adept at carrying them and their implications through all of the marketing functional areas: strategic, product management, product/solutions marketing, and Internet/marketing communications. In fact, we thrive in highly technical environments.

Through it all, we remain sensitive to the needs and dynamics of your team, and seek the highest levels of internal cooperation. In short, Solutions Reservoir comes in as virtual marketing staff, completes the assignment, and then moves on. You immediately put the result to work, and establish a relationship that will pay returns for years to come.

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