Industries Served by Contracted Marketing Support

Solutions Reservoir offers an uncommon blend of deep marketing, business, and technical expertise and experience on a contract basis. We’ll understand your business, your products and/or services, their advantages and your distinct value proposition, and make them apparent to your market. Sometimes a place to start is with a well crafted white paper. Looking for something more strategic or analytical? – our depth goes there too. While Solutions Reservoir has specific experience in the industries shown below, please also note the comments under Other High-Tech Industries at the bottom of this page.

See: Telecom/Networks, Cloud/Cybersecurity, Wireless/Satellite, Data Centers, Other High-Tech Industries


Whether you are involved in products or services in this industry, domestic or international, Solutions Reservoir offers contracted marketing solutions that add knowledgeable, productive staffing to your team for projects large and small. We have seen: the industry advance from X.25 (an early form of packet switching) through MPLS and now SD-WAN (see our concise Tutorial Introduction to SD-WAN); the Internet grow into something unimaginable even 25 years ago; Ethernet move from a shared-cable LAN technology to the universal interface and transport protocol; and the unfolding of mobility – and we remain excited about where it’s all going. Please contact us for more a discussion of your needs and how we can help.


Secure, cloud-based services are so exciting because they are all-encompassing and all of us sense their potential in our daily lives. (See Solutions Reservoir’s popular cybersecurity tutorial.) If your company is a participant in either the cloud or cybersecurity dimensions of this rapidly evolving field, then it’s likely you have some very important marketing tasks in your queue. This is the situation to draw upon contracted marketing support – tapping into a Solutions Reservoir – to get ahead of your market.


Solutions Reservoir combines deep marketing experience with considerable technical depth, and is comfortable in both the product and services sides of this broad industry. For us, wireless can span RF components to radio systems to fixed or mobile applications of wireless/RF technology. Our orientation for satellite is toward services and we are excited about the potential of new-generation, high-throughput satellite systems. Please contact us and let’s discuss how we can help.

Data Centers

If you lease data center space or sell products or services for mission-critical environments, then Solutions Reservoir can help you make your case via any number of marketing vehicles. Contact us and we can discuss your needs and our fit for them. Note we currently have a particular interest in data center design and heat/energy management.

Having offered assistance in the selection of data centers, we put some of our advice in the Solutions Reservoir User Guide to Selecting a Colocation Data Center, which is available to anyone.

Other High-Tech Industries for Contracted Marketing Support

Does your product or company have a deep technical basis and do many of your buyers themselves have strong technical backgrounds? While Solutions Reservoir can never directly touch every technical field, our background will help us understand the commercial significance and competitive differentiation of your product, and how to present it to your market. Please contact us to discuss the extent of our fit for your needs and how we can provide value. We have particular interest in space and communications systems, remote sensing, and power and energy.