Software Defined Networks and SD-WAN

Software Defined Networks (SDN), whether in the data center or the WAN (SD-WAN), are profoundly impacting the networking and network service provider industries. With this Resource section pertaining to SDN and SD-WAN, Solutions Reservoir presents a/an:

Basic Tutorial Introduction to SDN that features two short presentations. The first discusses virtualization, the dynamic empowering SDN, and the second introduces SDN and its concepts. Together they will give you a good grounding in SDN and its role in reshaping networking.

Tutorial Introduction to SD-WAN. With the assistance of a concise video presentation, this tutorial introduction will reveal the basis for SD-WAN’s and cloud-based services’ impacts on the network service industry.

Carrier Status of SD-WAN Deployments, which summarizes the status of SD-WAN deployments and other Virtualized Network Services (VNS) with the major U.S. carriers.

I hope you find these materials informative and useful.