Introduction to Software Defined Networks

Software Defined Networks (SDN, also known as network virtualization) are changing what networks are, do, and how you deal with them. SDN’s different approach, most notably centralizing many of the network control functions, deeply changes – and simplifies – how you interact with your network, particularly for network and service configuration. The centralization of the control functions also leads to simpler, less-costly switching elements, even to the extent of offering the potential for commoditized switches. The industry is already witnessing the rapid take-up of SDN in the data center, where the shortcomings of conventional networks are most problematic.

In this two-part, video tutorial, Introduction to Software Defined Networks, we’ll cover the basics of server and network virtualization in Part 1 (upper below) as a foundation for Part 2 (lower below), where we’ll directly address what an SDN is and why it represents the future of networking. When viewing them, click on the little gear which might let you increase the resolution to 480p.