User Guide to Selecting a Colocation Data Center

Solutions Reservoir recently provided data center advisory services to a company seeking a colocation home for its mission critical applications in a public data center. Our familiarity with data centers stems from working in the industry and a considerable amount of study, a background many buyers don’t have – largely because they just have other jobs to do.

Based on this experience, we have compiled some insights as a basic User Guide to Selecting a Colocation Data Center.

From the Introduction: “It may be the first time, or maybe it’s time to move or expand, but your company or organization has decided to move into a colocation data center. This kind of procurement can be daunting if it is something with which you have limited experience. Whether you decide to undertake the search and leasing internally or seek outside assistance, this guide will highlight some of the many things to consider in choosing a colocation data center that will minimize surprises…”

There is much more to the topic than we could place in such a document, but we hope that you still will find it helpful in your search. You can download it via the form below, and please feel free to give us your feedback on it. Also, please contact us if you are looking for a data center in the Washington DC, Northern Virginia, Maryland area and seek mission critical data center advisory services.

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